Best Quality Sheet Metal Products and Components for Automobile Industry

Sheet metal products and components are widely used in Automobile Industry, these are highly critical for the performance, safety, and stability of automobile. High-quality sheet metal with state of the art sheet metal press and an extraordinary level of craftsmanship will result in best quality sheet metal products for you. If you are looking for sheet metal manufacturer in Noida, we are the best you get.

If you are running an automobile firm you must be searching for the best and reliable sheet metal manufacturer in Noida and should look for a company who pay attention to give you the best product yet cost-effective. We follow few steps to provide you the best sheet metal products with the high standard of quality.

Sheet Metal Cutting: We have a specialized team for cutting sheet metal into small pieces who keep in mind that we should use the metal sheet proficiently to make less wastage and make the process more cost-efficient. EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) is used to get desired shapes and sizes.

Forming: After cutting pieces out of sheet our team now starts forming which include different processes like bending, rolling, stamping, punching and never the less welding. After all these process completion we almost get the desired product or component.

Finishing and Quality check: Finishing is what customer notices first after getting the automobile part in hand. So we give extra efforts to get these products finished well, this process includes shaping and polishing. This removes rough edges and spots which afterward checked for quality assurance. We also clean and rinse the product so it should be ready to be used in factory production line.

That is not all, sheet metal manufacturer Noida uses the best notch world class pressing, stamping, cutting, rolling and punching tools to give you the best result. Automobile industry always strives for the best and we assure the best product and component in Noida. If you give us a visit you will find that we pay significant emphasis on quality tests and strive for the best quality as a company throughout the manufacturing process.

We are the leading supplier of finished sheet metal products in Noida, and capable of catering the evolving needs of the Automobile industry. We provide the best and cost-effective sheet metal products that fulfill specific needs of many industries. We have a long list of components which we can manufacture for you, few are as below:

  • Levers
  • Brackets
  • Hooks
  • Right Crawling
  • Plate leg support (Both left and right)
  • Stopper
  • Control boot
  • Patch
  • Tension bar
  • Gusset
  • Crowd link
  • Throttle bracket
  • Renif footrest and more.

For more details about sheet metal products, Visit Us at Sangeeta Industries

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