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Sheet metal fabrication is ruling the manufacturing world like no other process. From appliances and electronics to chemicals and energy, every industry uses sheet metals to carry out its processes. The process has contributed hugely to the making of everyday products.

Sheet metals come in diverse surface finishes that allow their use across all industry verticals. If you are a sheet metal manufacturer & fabricator in Faridabad, you must know all surface finish considerations for sheet metal fabricated parts. 

Offering parts in different surface finishes will help Sheet metal fabricators to get the attention of many manufacturing companies in Faridabad

Want To Know Why? We have got the answers to all your questions in this article. Here, we will summarize all-important surface finish considerations for sheet metal parts.

The Importance of Surface Finishing

Proving an Appropriate surface finishing for sheet metal parts is a crucial last step in the fabrication process. It improves the aesthetic appeal of the parts and provides extra durability and protection to them. The step is usually used for medical-grade and pharmaceutical parts that need to function in clean environments. 

Different sheet metal manufacturing companies in Noida use different finish options to ensure the beautiful appearance of the parts.

Let’s take a closer look at multiple surface finishing and considerations to ensure the optimum end products.

Surface Finishing Options

  • Anodizing: A finishing process in which a thick oxide layer is added to aluminum to reduce its rust and wear. It protects the metal parts from the weather and also electrical insulation. One can get both clear and color anodizing.
  • Chromate Coating: It is a chemical treatment that passivates metal to boost its corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
  • Powder Coating: It includes the application of dry powder (usually made out of thermoplastics) electrostatically on the metal parts to create a strong finish that makes metals long-lasting.
  • E-coating: Also famous as electrophoretic painting, E-coating involves the application of a thin layer of epoxy paint to the metal surface. The coating is applied along with an electric current to make the coating particle deposit perfectly on the metal’s surface.
  • Zinc Coating: Sheet metal fabricators in Faridabad apply zinc coating in two ways – electrolysis or acid zinc. The latter one is faster but doesn’t always provide a uniform coating, and the former is slower but provides a more uniform coating. It provides a physical barrier to the metal parts, preventing them from corrosion and impact.
  • Galvanized Dipped: It involves dipping the metal parts into molten zinc to build a strong layer of tightly bonded coating. It prevents metal from corrosion and is generally used for automotive and machinery parts.
  • Passivation: It involves exposing metals like stainless steel to an acid solution to extract free iron from the surface. It changes the reactivity of the surface and ensures the highest corrosion resistance.
  • Dacromet: The finishing process combines zinc and aluminum flakes with a binder for cold-dipped or spray applications. Heat is used to finish the process. 

Want To Know Surface Finishes on Different Parameters? If yes, The Table Below Will Help.

Surface FinishesCorrosion ResistanceCoating ThicknessAbrasion Resistance
AnodizingGood corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for marine environmentsBetween 0.5 to 150 µmTough, wear-resistant finish. Perfect for parts that come in contact with other materials
Powder CoatingDepends on the type of material used and the pre-treatment processBetween 35 to 200 µmHeat cured finish that resists abrasion
E-coatingExcellent corrosion resistanceBetween 12 to 30 µm (but can be more)Good durability
Zinc PlatingProvides a physical barrier to prevent corrosionBetween 5 to 25 µmDurable finish
DacrometCreates passivation effect in the metal parts and boosts their corrosion resistance powerBetween 5 to 7.6 µmElectrical conductive finish for better abrasion resistance
Galvanized DippedAct as a barrier to prevent corrosionMore than  254 µmWithstand harsh weather conditions
PassivationThe added layer adds up corrosion resistance powerA transparent and thin oxidized layerExcellent abrasion resistance

Know When To Use What Coating

Not all finishes are suitable for metal types. So, this table below will help you make a better material decision-making process.

Surface FinishesCold-rolled steelHot-rolled steelSpring steelStainless steelCold-galvanized steelAluminum
Powder CoatingNoNoNoNoNoNo
Zinc PlatingNoNoNoYesYesYes
Galvanized DippedNoNoYesYesYesYes

Quick Last Words

Choose any of the above-mentioned finishing methods to increase the durability and corrosion resistance, and impact resistance features of metal parts. Irrespective of the finishing you choose, it’s a good idea to make the metal parts go through a test to ensure their optimum workability in the desired environment. 

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