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Sheet Metal is formed by processing metal into flat and thin pieces. These sheets are used in various manufacturing industries for performing diverse metalworking applications. Sangeeta Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and most promising Sheet Metal Components manufacturers which have established an aced name for themselves in this field with their high quality, precision and reliability. 

All companies working in different domains from all over the globe are in one way or the other are connected with companies that specialize in this field and rely upon them to broaden their spectrum of products and services. Let’s have a look at some of the various industries which are sure to be paralytic without the use of sheet metal components.

  • Aerospace Industry– The Aerospace Industry always has a constant demand for products that are accurately fabricated, tough as well as long-lasting. From parts varying from engine to external body parts, high quality and precision sheet fabrication is a must for this industry. Some of the most common parts manufactured by the use of sheet metal components for the aerospace industry involve engine parts, structural shapes, tubing parts, components and other assemblies.


  • Automobile Industry– With an incredible rise in advancements and technologies, the sheet metal components are fast finding their way in the automobile industry. Their easy availability in various shapes and sizes is what makes them a quintessential part of the automotive world. From levers to brackets, to control boot to gusset, there is no automobile that can function and work the way it does with the use of these components.


  • Construction Industry– One of the most common and multipurpose materials used in the construction industry are sheet metal components. Apart from its excessive use in the industrial sector, these components also plays an essential part in domestic construction applications like they can be used in kitchens as countertops or as a metal surrounding it, placed decoratively in a pattern form to beautify the ambiance of a premise and making them look like a design that add class as well as elegance to your personal space.


  • Medical Industry– Customized sheet metal components are a blessing for the medical industry as they can be cut, shaped, molded and fabricated to create tools that help medical professionals to carry out specific as well as complex surgeries with precision. The medical tools are all about precision and accurate actions, therefore, it is very important that the exact customization is done to make sure that the tools are perfectly carrying out the desired function. 


  • Defense- There is a huge range of products made from sheet metal components that are used extensively in the defense sector. The components are available in a variety of sizes and forms which can be easily customized as per the exact specifications provided by the defense sector. Some of the most famous and needed products used by the defense sector are brackets, frames, slides, spacers, washers, angle, baffles, etc. From prototype assistance through high volume production, we try to create high and top quality components that can meet the constantly changing needs of the armed forces.


  • Catering Industry- In today’s dynamic market, Catering Industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world that too requires various products made from sheet metal to process their daily tasks. These sheets are used for manufacturing diverse products such as conveyors, packaging, tanks, pipes, bottling equipment and many others to name.

There is no doubt that sheet metal components are one of the most widely and commonly used multipurpose materials all over the world, catering to the needs of several industries. The main reason behind the components popularity is their ability to deliver multiple benefits at the same time like high strength, corrosion resistant, ability to withstand weight, long lasting performing ability and malleability. These can also be easily molded into different shapes without their wear & tear for making customized products that will meet the exact requirements of diverse industries.

Sangeeta Industries Pvt Ltd. is the prominent manufacturer of Sheet Metal Components in Faridabad and has attained immense goodwill in the market for delivering high grade quality products to customers within the committed time frame.