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Metals are cut using different techniques and processes. Several new techniques have been introduced to further this task over the years and many others are likely underway. However, if there is one technique that has stood the test of time and is here to stay then it most certainly is the laser cutting technique. Top sheet metal manufacturing companies in Faridabad use laser cutting techniques for fabrication. This is owing to the many benefits this new age technique offers. What are these benefits? Why has laser-cutting become a preferred choice among sheet metal fabricators? Let’s find out.


Top Reasons Why Manufacturing Industries in Faridabad Use Laser Cutting Techniques

Here is a look at the various reasons why manufacturers are using laser-cutting for sheet metal fabrication:


Laser-cutting allows you to cut the metal with precision. The advanced technology facilitates accurate cuts. You can expect an accuracy of +/-0.1 mm by employing this technique. Such precision is not possible using any other method of sheet cutting. This is one of the reasons why automobile sheet metal companies as well as organizations in many other sectors use this technique. With such precision, you do not require any after-treatment or added tolerance. If you specifically require intricate cuts then this is the best choice for you.


High Speed

One of the main reasons why manufacturers choose this method of cutting is that it ensures high speed. The process is quicker in comparison to other cutting techniques such as plasma or flame cutting. Even complex cutting projects can be carried out quickly and smoothly using this method.


High Quality

As laser cutting technology offers high precision, you can expect good quality end products. You will see smooth and clean edges with the use of this technology. At the most, you may see a small burr on the metal after cutting it using this technique. This is more likely in case of thick metal sheets. Thicker sheets may hamper the quality. In such a case, laser cutting may leave some dross. However, this mark is almost negligible especially in comparison with those incurred using other methods.


Highly Versatile

This method of cutting sheet metal is highly versatile too. This is to say that you can use this technique on different kinds of materials. Thus, it comes handy while working on different projects involving the fabrication of different materials. This includes wood, acrylic, paper and steel to name a few. 

Many laser cutting machines facilitate marking. In case, you aren’t aware, laser marking technique is required while producing a number of products.

Thus, investing in a laser-cutting machine will help you take up different kinds of projects.



The process of laser-cutting is highly automated as these machines are run by CNC controls. This proves to be an advantage as it requires less manpower. This helps in cost-cutting. You mainly require looking for an experienced machine operator to carry out sheet metal fabrication. On the job training can help hone his skill and enable him to conduct the task more efficiently.

If you have enough budget, you may go for an advanced laser cutting machine. Such a machine further automates the task. How? It comes with an in-built feeding system and follow-up conveyor.



When it comes to laser cutting, you can cut the metals into different shapes using the same set up. There is no need to invest time and energy in changing the tools each time you require cutting a different shape. Thick, thin as well as intricate shapes and cuts can be derived from this technology. You can move back and forth while cutting different shapes without bothering about changing the tools or installing different set ups. 


Contactless Cutting Method

Laser cutting method is a contactless method of fabricating sheet metal which is an added advantage. The laser beam comes in contact with the material and the job is done. It does not involve any mechanical friction which is often responsible for wearing of the tools. This also makes it a safer method. There is almost no chance of accidents with the use of this cutting method. This is quite unlike the other cutting methods where the workers stand a high chance of incurring cuts and bruises. Thus, you create a safer work environment by choosing this method.


Economical Option

Lastly, laser cutting proves to be an economical option in comparison to various other metal cutting techniques. Many of you may think otherwise because the machine is quite expensive. Many manufacturers refrain from using this technology because they hesitate investing in a laser cutting machine. What they don’t see is that this is just a one time cost. This high tech machine will help you save substantially in the long run. How? Well, as already stated it is highly automated. Thus, you save on the labour cost. Hand-operated machines and equipment may be cheaper in comparison. However, they require a lot of manpower for operation thereby increasing the overall cost. Moreover, they do not provide as much outcome. The process of cutting and bending is quite slow when you choose this method.

Labour as well as operational costs can be brought down to a large extent with the use of laser cutting machines.

To conclude, sheet metal & auto components manufacturers in Faridabad vouch for laser-cutting technique. They prefer this technique over others when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. This is because it offers a number of benefits over other methods of fabrication. To begin with it helps in cutting quickly and offers high quality end product. The technique offers versatility as it can be used to cut different kinds of materials with precision. Flexibility, automation and contactless cutting are among some of the other benefits it offers. Not to forget, this method of cutting proves to be cost-effective as it helps cut down on labour as well as operational cost. No wonder laser cutting is being used extensively by metal fabricators around the world. Do let us know if you have any more query regarding this technique. We shall be glad to answer.