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There is literally a science and a reason behind why certain elements become more popular than others and completely take the market by storm. One such element that has been doing wonders and has completely influenced some of the biggest industries worldwide is that of stainless steel. When we talk about stainless steel fabrication we are talking about a component that will surely enhance the structure and utility of everything in which it is used. Let’s have a quick look at some points that make stainless steel a big hit in the international market.

  • Corrosion Resistance- Stainless steel consists of iron alloys that have a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The chromium present in the alloy creates a self-healing clear oxide layer which gives the stainless steels an excellent property of being corrosion resistant. The self-healing nature of the oxide layer gives the steel the ability to maintain its corrosion resistance despite the fabrication methods and ensures the material surface remains intact with its resistance qualities in case of cuts or damages.


  • Cryogenic Resistance- when we talk about cryogenic resistance we are talking about the ductility or the toughness of the component at sub-zero temperatures. The stainless steel maintains excellent toughness as well as has high tensile strength even at ambient temperatures. 


  • Work Toughness- The biggest advantage of stainless steel is that it has high strength that remain intact for a long lasting period of time. This strength can be increased further by processing the steel through cold working and annealing stages.


  • Hot Strength- Another major benefit of using stainless steel products over other materials is its ability to withstand heavy weight. Owing to its unique ability to resist corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage, the high strength duplex grades add extra benefit that allows scope for reduced thickness in the material along with providing cost advantage over the conventional grade of stainless steel.


  • Environment Friendly- If not more, then definitely half of the stainless steel manufacturing is done from metal scrap. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. In today’s time, when there is enough awareness about keeping Mother Nature happy these recyclable products are definitely on a demand like never before.


  • Multipurpose Uses- Stainless steel is, by all means, your best bet to create a low maintenance, corrosion resistance and good looking materials that are surely going to be preferred and appreciated in all the markets worldwide. The alloy can be molded and shaped into anything like plates, bars, wires, sheets, tubing and is also just perfect for being used for hardware, cookware & cutlery, surgical instruments, automobile and aerospace appliances as well as in many forms in the conversation sector.


  • Flexibility- Grade with lower alloys will resist corrosion in pure water or atmospheric conditions. Grade with higher alloys will have the ability to resist corrosion in alkaline or acid solutions. While those that are fabricated with a combination of nickel are even better and excellent choice for strength and hardness. This element gives you the choice to choose as per your requirements and do complete justice to your job at hand.

Now, people all over the world are familiar with the term stainless steel and are using it in their lives in one way or the other. Collaborate with good sheet metal fabricators to make the most of the many benefits associated with stainless steel and feel the change by improving the quality of all your projects and applications.

Sangeeta Industries Pvt. Ltd is among the fastest-growing and promising sheet metal manufacturing companies in India that is making its impact in the global market in an influential way. So, the next time you are searching for a material that will increase the life of your project, stainless steel is sure to be your answer for the long run.