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Sheet Metal testing machines have been designed to perform quality check for sheets made from a variety of metals. One of the best techniques used for quality testing of sheet metal is cupping test. Sheet metal industries largely use cupping test machine to test the quality and durability of metal sheets. This test uses force to check the quality of the sheet metal. It also helps access the quality of paint applied to metallic substrates. These tests give a fair idea about how resistant these sheets are to harsh climatic conditions and other situations.

Let us have a brief look at the cupping testing machine and how it performs the sheet metal test:

Features of Cupping Testing Machine

Here are some of the key features of the cupping testing machine that can determine the ductility of non-ferrous metal sheets and sheet metal components and also accurately assess the quality of varnish and porosity of paint coatings on the metal sheets:

  • A high-quality cupping test machine comes with a pre-installed die and blank holder.
  • It has the required gauges installed to ensure accurate measurement.
  • It has the capacity to apply a force of 10 KN on the sample sheet.
  • The punch has a polished, hemispherical working surface.
  • The machine lets the tester monitor the testing process from outside.
  • It should be able to create a crack which is big enough to let the light pass through.


Cupping Testing Machine – How it Works?

In order to perform the cupping test, a cup is formed on a metal sheet. This is done by pressing the cup against the sample sheet forcibly enough to develop a crack. A high quality cupping machine is used for this purpose. After this step, inspection is done to assess if the sheet has deformed or developed any cracks. This is followed by measuring the depth of the cup with regard to the force applied by the cupping machine. The force applied is measured with the help of a highly calibrated scale.

Things to Know While Conducting Quality Testing of Sheet Metal

Performing Cupping test on sheet metal is quite simple. The cupping test machines are designed to evaluate the sheets thoroughly to provide accurate result. However, you can get precise result only if you follow the right procedure. Here are few things you must follow while conducting metal sheet test using cupping test machine so as to derive at the right result:

  • The sample sheet metal must be affixed firmly on the blank holder to ensure that it does not slide or fall as the punch is applied with force.
  • Measurement must begin as the punch touches the surface.
  • Force must be applied to the sheet until it creates a crack that lets the light pass through.

While the procedure is simple it is best to get the metal quality checked by professionals in the field to be doubly sure about the result.

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