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A striving manufacturer in a thriving industry would always look for ways in which he can maximize his productivity and profitability and still keep his budget to a minimum. This is where the concept of using mild steel for automotive body parts came to prominence. A recent study conducted revealed how manufacturing industries in Faridabad, and even across India have voted mild steel to be their preferred alloy when it comes to crafting auto body parts. But, there must be a particular reason as to why this is widely recognized? Now, before we help you out with the answer, here’s a quick introduction to mild steel for people who are not aware of this alloy.

What is Mild Steel?

Also popularly known as “low carbon steel”, mild steel is a form of carbon steel that contains low amounts of carbon making it more flexible and easy to weld as compared to other forms such as stainless steel. This could also mean mild steel does not crumble or harden when exposed to heating or quenching making this a perfect candidate for automobile body parts.

Why are manufacturing industries in Faridabad Preferring Mild Steel?

If you’re looking at a project that includes a massive quantity of metal, the most economical option would be to go with mild steel. Being the least expensive and the most preferred alloy, mild steel sure comes with a few perks that make it autobody manufacturing worthy. For starters, let’s talk about flexibility.


The potential for versatility is quite treasured in the manufacturing industry, a prominent property that mild steel exhibits. It is considered to be one of the most easily fabricated materials with a strong structural presence that makes it ideal for usage on auto body parts. The high ductility and easy malleability is hence a preferred characteristic of mild steel that allows easy engineering of automobiles.

Cost Effective

Mild steel, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most cost-effective materials when it comes to manufacturing automobile body parts. Manufacturers looking to minimize investment would any day opt for a product that eludes favorable characteristics and is of course, extremely cost saving.

Suitable for diversity

Being a manufacturer of automobile, one has to always keep diversity in mind. This is primarily because automobiles come in all shapes and sizes- from small cars to minivans and even big trucks. To be comfortable with diversity, manufacturers often opt for a common manufacturing material that can transform itself as the demand requires and that is where mild steel passes with flying colors. It’s convenient machinability properties makes it easily reformable.


One of the primary reasons why mild steel has gained massive popularity in the automotive industry is due to a particular property that we refer to as ‘ferromagnetism’. This can be defined as a basic mechanism where particular materials or alloys can transform themselves into permanent magnets. Mild steel hence is popular for autobody parts owing to their potential for being magnetic in nature.

Environmentally sound

Now don’t get us wrong- we do realize how steel production of any kind may use a lot of energy in the making, but when it comes to mild steel- it has been proven that mild steel consumes lesser energy as compared to the production of other steel variants, making it the most environmentally sound option. In fact, owing to its magnetic properties, sorting out mild steel from a bunch of waste is extremely convenient and the fact that mild steel never loses its quality even when exposed to repeated usage makes it a perfect candidate for recycling and reuse.