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Sheet Metal is a metal that is crafted into flat pieces by way of industrial processes that include melting, bending and reforming the metal. Different metals are used to form sheet metal. These include tin, steel, brass, aluminium, copper, titanium, nickel and silver. The thickness and size of sheet metal pieces varies based on their purpose of use. Sheet metal companies manufacture numerous sheet metal components and offer various services. These have been discussed below in detail.

Sheet Metal Products

Sheet metal products are used in various industries. Let us learn about sheet metal products employed in different industries:

Food Industry: In food industry, thin sheet metal made of steel or aluminium is used commonly. The lids of containers are usually made of sheet metal. Sheet metal employed in the food industry needs to pass several tests. It must be durable, safe, resistant to temperature changes, and should be able to withstand acids. Sheet metal used in food industry is usually covered with a thin protective layer of tin.

Automobile Industry: Sheet metal is used to manufacture various parts of a vehicle including its body, frames, rear brake lever, backrest recliner, throttle switch base plate and more. The sheet metal used in the automobile industry needs to be sturdy, durable and resistant to corrosion.

Other Industries: Sheet metal is bent, moulded and cut to create different sheet metal products. These products are used in various other industries to manufacture different items including utensils, parts of refrigerator, washing machine and other electrical appliances, tools, railings, furniture pieces and more. Sheet metal manufactured using different metals are required for different use.

Sheet metal companies use different methods to come up with different kinds of sheet metal products. These methods include welding, rolling, finishing, powder coating, coiling, metal stamping, glazing, foaming, laser cutting, sawing, punching, CNC machining, precision bending, sheering and water cut jetting. These techniques help in moulding sheet metal into different forms. Sheet metal companies need to choose the technique cautiously based on the metal being used and the required end product.

Sheet Metal Services

Sheet metal companies do not only offer sheet metal components but also render services to help their clients employ these components appropriately. One of the essential services that these companies offer is the installation service. They have a team of skilled professionals who have thorough knowledge and experience of installing these products efficiently. The techniques used to manufacture sheet metal components may be put to use to carry out the installation process. Sheet metal companies also provide other services including packing, programming, inspection and engineering. All these tasks need to be carried out with precision and only a professional can accomplish these efficiently.

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