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Sheet metal industry, like many other industries, can prove to be hazardous for its workers in the absence of proper safety measures. Those involved in cutting, welding and moulding sheet metal are particularly prone to accidental cuts, burns and other serious problems. Sheet metal companies must ensure that its workers are guarded against these.

Here are some safety measures that sheet metal industries must take to ensure a safe working environment for their employees:

Installation of Fire Extinguishers

Sheet metal is highly inflammable. A heat source nearby can put the whole place at risk of catching fire instantly and this fire is difficult to extinguish. The factory setting or building where this work is carried out must have high quality fire extinguishers installed throughout at small distances.  The extinguishers must be mounted on the walls for easy access. The company must inspect and check them from time to time to ensure they are in a good working condition.

Fire drill must be conducted to educate the employees about the evacuation process during emergency situation. They must also be trained to use the fire extinguishers.

Combustible Liquids be Put Away

Combustible liquids must be kept at a safe distance from the sheet metal. Approved metal containers must be used to store these liquids and these must be marked as flammable so that caution is taken while handling them. This small step can prevent big danger.

Heavy Duty Gloves

The edges of sheet metal are sharp. One can easily get cuts and bruises while working on the sheets that are yet to be fabricated and smoothed. Sheet metal industries must provide heavy duty gloves to the workers involved in loading/ unloading sheets as well as to those involved in their fabrication process. Not doing so means putting the workers at risk. Sheet metal can also heat up quickly and merely touching it can cause severe skin burns. Heavy duty gloves provide protection against this too.

Workers must also ensure they wear full sleeves shirt, long trousers and shoes to avoid direct contact with the sheet.

Dust Mask

Tiny particles of dust fly while cutting and fabricating sheet metal. The workers involved in these processes inhale these particles unknowingly and they get settled in their lungs. This puts them at a high risk of incurring respiratory problems and lung diseases. It is imperative for the sheet metal manufacturers to provide dust mask to their workers. This mask bars the chances of inhalation of this harmful dust. 

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses must be provided to the workers involved in cutting and welding process. It protects the eyes from flying debris and sparks. Carrying out the welding process without these glasses can cause permanent damage to the eyes. It is also recommended to wear hard hats during this process.

Easy Availability of First Aid Kits

First aid kits stuffed with all the necessary medicines, ointments and other essential items must be available in the sheet metal companies at all times. The items in the kits must be checked and restocked regularly. Offering first aid quickly can bar the condition from aggravating.

Gas Cylinders be Stored and Handled with Caution

The gas cylinders used during the welding process must be stored in an upright position. These should be kept at a distance from the sources of ignition. Valve protection cap must be clasped properly to avoid leakage. These caps must not be used to lift the cylinders. Also, filled gas cylinders must be moved and transported with complete caution.

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